6 Effective Ways To Speed Up The Performance Of WordPress Website

6 Effective Ways To Speed Up The Performance Of WordPress Website

Millions of users visit websites daily for multiple purposes. Whenever we visit websites, we look for the website’s useability and functionality of a website, how speedy the website is, how fast it is moving from one page to another, etc. the most unfair thing about a website that users face when the website runs slower.

Surely, the website’s performance impacts the user’s experience forever across various sites, and that’s how users decide how best and worse the quality of an online business is.

Here we will show you the top 6 ways to improve the performance and speed of your website to boost up your business success.

 1. Why Speed Of Your WordPress Website Matters?

Various studies and surveys have been noted how the website’s buffering speed impacts user experience and in what way they react. Whenever a user visits your website initially, it takes only a few seconds to engage the user’s time to browse your website and see it here and there.

Users will immediately move to the next website whenever your web page starts to navigate slower and your users the frustrated.

Researchers have conducted that it takes 15 seconds for a user to switch on the alternative website. Only 45% of the users expect to wait for 4 seconds to load the webpages of your website. Having a slow website can affect your business completely in terms of user interaction, your business brand’s identity and user engagement to your website. To make your site faster is as important as creating a website for your business success, getting more traffic and customers on the site.

 2. How To Test Loading Time Of Your Website

The loading time and speed vary here from webpage to webpage in a website. Initially, you need to analyze the recent loading time of a website. Always remember that the rate may vary from page to page depending upon the size, web requests, and what type of content it hosts.

The website’s homepage is a remark to test the loading time in a website. Multiple tools have been initialized to check the speed of a website such as webPageTest.org, PageSpeed Insights (helps to highlight to speed up the WordPress), etc.

3. Choose A Better Web Hosting Service Provider For Your Business.

The hosting of your WordPress website has always been influential for a successful business. It becomes important for you to choose a web host that provides you shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth, spacing material, emails, and more. However, many shared hosting providers lack to provide website good buffering times with huge traffic hours.

The web hosting company has been advanced with magical technology, and the fairs of the cloud hosting providers have deficient time graphs. Currently and luckily, you can buy dedicated servers from DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Youtube, and even Google are figuring out at their normal prices. However, working with those servers can be a difficult task, because sometimes you need to set servers from scratch while other servers are CloudWays who have their servers optimized already.

4. Using A Lightweight WordPress Framework

WordPress frameworks work as the building block for a WordPress theme. Generally, the framework consists of core code that shares all the basic, advanced, and designed elements in a website we see. The WordPress theme you hold on your website has a huge impact on your user’s experience and the time fast your website loads.

WordPress themes, however, with various static and dynamic elements, sliders, plugins, widgets, sliders in motion, social icons, etc. are just eye-catching and help to engage users on our website. In case you have a lot of elements of higher page sizes that cause your web server to take a high amount.

5. Minified Javascript And Cascading Style Sheets

You must have heard of compressing your JS and CSS files, whenever you load your website through any Google tool. That means, by reducing the size of JS and CSS files, you get your site loading time and speed improved with better performance.

Also, if you are updated and aware of the WordPress themes, you can get help from the Google search engine and can improve your manual extension fixing in a website. In case it does not match your requirements, you can insert some plugins that will help you relate to all your goals. Automatization, however, is another popular feature to optimize and improve your website’s JS, CSS, and even HTML of your WordPress website for engaging your customers with your services.

6. Uninstall The Not Required Plugins

In WordPress, all the Content Management System (CMS’s) is served through the primary feature of WordPress plugins. With the proper use of plugins, you can add the utmost usability and functionality you want to will for on your website. Your WordPress website works through many plugins, the plugins that aren’t required for your website creates trash, and keeping them on your website will add a larger amount of junk to your web files and can increase your file’s backup storage.

Moreover, it can buffer with the server the various resources while your backup files keep on generated. It is far more a better choice to not count on such plugins that cause ultimate damage to your website. Despite it, you can clean or deactivate your website plugins and can improve better performances, speed, and functionality of your WordPress website.


The main advantage of decreasing your website’s loading time will make you improve your customers’ needs massively and help them to get experience on their usability. At Hostjani, we help you in the short and long run by providing you with the support of hosting your WordPress website with faster website loading speed.

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