How to Choose Best Web Hosting Plans For Your Business

Choosing the best web hosting company for your enterprise is a crucial decision any business owner can make. People are often confused while choosing the right web hosting service and plans for their companies, especially when it’s for a startup.

Due to not selecting an acceptable web hosting provider for their website companies have to pay huge costs, which ultimately leads the business down. The main reason is their confusion in choosing the wrong web hosting plans for their business. It is very crucial to have an online presence for any business, whether it is about having a startup or a large enterprise.

How you display yourself on online social media platforms, how quickly a customer can get things on your website depends on your web hosting plans.

A successful business or enterprise plan includes the objectives of the company’s profile, web hosting plans, targeted audience, business tool, and tactics.

1. How Much Do Web Hosting Services Cost

There are various advanced features you can look for while choosing a web hosting company for your business websites, such as memory storage, security, site pricing, and speed. You can also keep in mind the website’s downtime and negative reviews so that you can prepare for the services you want to share next time.

It is a fact that not every web hosting company is best for your business needs. Therefore you must learn what things to look for in web hosting features, and in a web hosting provider that fits your business needs.

There are five types of web hosting services, varying in plans and tactics. Each choice has its terms of costs, security, server speed memory storage, control, and technical information. Many companies offer promotional web hosting service providers for the first term and then charge high renewal prices. Most of the companies provide several web hosting plans that vary according to their fees and requirements. Whatever cost you pay depends mainly on the hosting program you want, (shared, dedicated, cloud, WordPress and VPS, etc.) you choose.

2. The importance Of Choosing The Best Platform For Business’s Needs

While running your business, it becomes hard for you to find the proper time to act as an active user on social media platforms to update with the relevant uploads. Choosing the right and a few outlets will allow you to put your efforts into the right channel to maximize the business growth and results.

In online business success, the reliability of your website and the web hosting provider matters the most. So, it becomes essential to choose the right and reputable hosting solutions. Don’t just depend on the prices of hosting services.

Use the vital tips and tricks to get a responsible web host for your business to add value to your clients and a great outcome of your workload.

3. What Features You Should Look For In A Web Hosting Service

Pricing is undoubtedly an essential feature for startups and business owners, with that there are many other features available as well you can look at while choosing your web hosting provider. Such as;

Memory Storage and Bandwidth: The amount of memory storage and the bandwidth you require for your business depends on what you need and plan to have on your website. For suppose you have a plan for high strength of images, you will look for a project with a lot of memory storage.

However, bandwidth measures the speed of your website loads. Therefore, if you have massive traffic to your website, and you update videos or images on your website more often, you must look for a more considerable amount of bandwidth.

Security: Security of a website decides for how long you can maintain the relationship with clients and services they are availing of. That is why security for a website should be the most critical concern for small and large enterprises. Whether you are running a top-level business or just making your startup, you must need the security to have your client’s data and info to be safer and secured.

Customer Service: Be sure of the web hosting company you consider in terms of their responsibilities, commitments, and quick feedback. Most of the web and cloud web hosting plans and services reach quality on time whenever the customer is in crisis. Also, they offer live chats, calling services, and email support to their customers.

At Hostjani, we lookout for our client’s requirements to get feasible with their needs. We offer the best web hosting services and business plans to reach out to the maximum growth of a business.

How The Fastest Web Hosting Service Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Every successful business person knows the importance of web hosting services for its website, how it impacts your business services, and how it gives users the best user experience on your site. There are many ultimate ways through which your website gets beneficial from one of them is to address the fastest web hosting service for your business.

Professional web hosting service providers provide businesses incredible benefits such as, keeping your website fast, upgrading your needed software, and acquiring all the data and content available on your site. Handling all these isn’t a simple task for any web hosting service provider.

Here are the top benefits that the fastest web hosting service provider can provide to your website;

1. Secure Hosting

 A faster web hosting more likely gives your users a feel of security as there are more chances that users will stay on your website for longer rather than running on other websites. A secure and reliable website never let your customer switch on different websites. Also, your website won’t face any technical errors on your website because a faster web hosting service will upgrade your software and give you unique software solutions. The professional web hosting solutions make sure that the data on your website is secure and up to date on your website.

2. Domain and Email Address

Many web hosting services provide domain name registration services as well to keep your website more recognizable and to target more customers on their website. Domain name plays an essential role to complete your absolute business needs. However, it improves your brand’s identity online and customizes your business needs. Along with the domain, using a personalized email address that suits your domain name keeps your business services more professional and gives users the comfort to avail of your services more and more. Unique web hosting services never step back and provide you with a suitable domain and email address to improve your business quality among millions of other websites.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works uniquely for your enterprise success. It can eventually make or break your web. It is essential to have a secure and fast web host that gives users a unique web experience on your website. Choose the web hosting provider for your business that helps you get appropriate and targeted keywords on your content to attract more traffic. Your web hosting provider improves your website’s search engine optimization efficiency and makes your content up to date and speeds up your site’s services ultimately. 

4. Controlled Data and Content

There are different types of web hosting services such as, shared hosting, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. Faster and professional web hosting services have unique options and plans that work according to their business needs. However, when you avail a free hosting solution, it doesn’t usually have control over some aspects of your website, such as content distribution. When you use a professional and faster web hosting service, you get full control over the data that is available on your site because customers are relying upon your website by sharing their private information like card details. Therefore, you must choose the web hosting provider that controls data and content over your website.

5. Save Your Money and Time

As industries are leading and growing, they have less time to fulfill absolute business needs. For large enterprises, it extremely matters to save time as well as money their main target is to do more in less time. With faster and professional web hosting solutions you will have a good chance to manage more servers and improve business growth by focusing on a single service in less time and your ultimate money. In that way, you can share more services to your business and attract more customers to your website ultimately.


Every successful enterprise looks for the best web hosting service that is reliable, secure, and fast in every working way. Hostjani is your best choice when it comes to choosing the fastest web hosting company for your business growth.

5 Things You Need to Know About Web Hosting

In your business, if you are thinking about launching a website, it’s important to understand the various aspects of web hosting service and your web hosting service provider so that you can make an essential decision about your business success. However, it’s easy to sign up and provide users with software to store and wrap up the data of your website.

Choosing a web hosting service provider for your business’s success might be difficult many times as there are many options available in the market. Here are the 5 things which you need to consider while choosing a web hosting service for your business.

1. What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting basically, is a service that allows startups and

enterprises to host their website on the internet to share their business services with the world. A web hosting service provider helps to get it viewed on the world wide web. With the help of a domain name address, the users will find your web page and can reach your services. It is a place on the server where the website’s content, data, and information is stored.

The servers, though, can be situated over anywhere in the world and can be accessed through the internet with the help of your domain name. Web hosting services such as Managed Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting where each service provides different functionality like a backup management system, software maintenance, and security system. Hosting providers are generally renewed once every year.

2. How Can Your Online Business Be Beneficial From Your Web Hosting Service

Your business needs a web hosting service when you want to have your website published online. A reliable web hosting service provider offers businesses more than just web hosting services! For example, web hosts make sure that the customers are getting full support from the website and the services. Along with that, there are technicians available whenever any technical support is required for customers.

In addition to that, whenever the website owner needs help with some error handles such as, in domain name service, web hosting registration guidance, or emailing service. A professional web hosting service allows its users to have a catchy experience on the website they are using on their businesses and large enterprises.

3. Web hosting that accomplishes your business Requirements

The primary goal of the web hosting service is to complete all your business needs and satisfies customers to avail the business services as much as possible. That is why make sure that your web hosting service fulfills your business needs as well, such as, Data Storage (the space on your website to store data and files available on your website), Bandwidth (the amount of data that your host send from the website to all the users), and Security (to secure the data and the information of users that the website holds).

Your website carries tons of information and data about your customers. It becomes essential for you, though, to go for the web hosting service providers that give additional features, storage capability, and full security for your customers and to attract more traffic to your website.

4. Difference between Bandwidth and Data Transfer

The terms data transfer and bandwidth are often misunderstood

by many people. Both the concepts often used to define the data and information that is available on your website that users avail of. But very few people know their difference and understand its concepts. Bandwidth represents the overall amount of the data that only transfers at once in a single time, whereas, data transfer is the actual information that can be used for any specific period.

Depending upon your web hosting plans, your web host can only allow 5GB of bandwidth maximum to your site because it can only transfer 1GB of data monthly. However, it can be upgraded timely to a higher tire of web hosting plan. It’s always appropriate to be aware of the limitations that your website is going to run or work upon before facing any worse condition for the website.

5. Email Accounts

Many web hosting services offer email accounts in their services generally offered by your web hosting service provider. The cloud-based email service is provided at only a few companies, as it’s more expensive than Google, or Windows 365. Along with that, companies are offering a particular hosting management service (HMS) with strong technical support for websites like security monetization, daily backups, and regular updates.

Email handles all the situations from receiving an email to your website address to the routing over the world wide web. It stores the recipient’s details on the server. You must know the right importance of email account service that you are going to get from your web hosting provider.


To avail remarkable web hosting service is a business’s primary need and that you have to choose while considering key factors that we discussed. Hostjani is the best choice if your business wants to lead for users’ requirements.

Top 5 Ways To Present Your Website Naturally

In this fast and technical world, we cannot ignore the importance of a website. Having a better website means to have an online presence to grow your business economically. It’s even more critical how our website looks; being the author of your website, it’s your responsibility to make sure your website looks natural and exciting for users.

1. Publish Appropriate Content

We see content everywhere we visit the website. You might have thought about how some websites share engaging content while others transfer it to kill time. Sharing right and relevant content to your website helps you create tons of traffic over time; it’s necessary not only to drive more customers on your way but also to make your website look natural. Quality content does matter; without good content, no one would ever want to visit your site and waste their quality time because there is an intense competition of websites all around. Therefore, these small things add value to your website.

2. Keep Your Website Updated

Keep your site updated means to share easy and user-friendly content. You won’t be amazed to know that your content plays an essential role in your website. A website’s relevance depends primarily on how updated and fresh your content is and how users enjoy it to visualize it. Also, you should be aware of the keyword placement in your content. However, sharing relevant and appropriate keywords makes your users search increases, driving in traffic, making your site rank at the top comparatively any next website to you.

3. Collaboration With The Users

These days, people look for linkups, whether it’s to content or with the users who often visit your site. Collaboration with the users allows you to be more aware and flexible with your content management system to naturally present your web pages. There are several benefits of making your website collaborative, which associates user experience, user inputs, and secure access. Most of the work in this type of website is done by the back-end developers that desire to work with real-time marketing agencies, where users communicate in their comfort zone to the website to make it worth being.

4. Evaluate Cognitive Timescale

Designing a website is a time taking event for any company, whether it is a startup or an enterprise level. So to be comfortable with deadlines is crucial to create less pressure. Provide each part of the website with a scalable time and deadline to lead a business website effectively. You can also offer your services by keeping in mind the users’ current demands, which will improve your website’s chance to engage with more content and so with the users.

5. Maintain Goodwill Relationship With Customers.

Relationships die if you are not a goodwill oriented person, whether it’s your relationship or professional association; healthy Goodwill adds it strengthens. A person in business should be professionally well mannered when it comes to keeping the customers forever. When we are in place, the primary thing that we look for is a producer-consumer relationship. However, a business website should be engaging to show communication with content; therefore, the right attributes should be presented to keep the morals in touch from the user’s point of view.

Contact Zera Creative for your website related needs. Zera is the most reliable IT Company in the market.

6 Effective Ways To Speed Up The Performance Of WordPress Website

Millions of users visit websites daily for multiple purposes. Whenever we visit websites, we look for the website’s useability and functionality of a website, how speedy the website is, how fast it is moving from one page to another, etc. the most unfair thing about a website that users face when the website runs slower.

Surely, the website’s performance impacts the user’s experience forever across various sites, and that’s how users decide how best and worse the quality of an online business is.

Here we will show you the top 6 ways to improve the performance and speed of your website to boost up your business success.

 1. Why Speed Of Your WordPress Website Matters?

Various studies and surveys have been noted how the website’s buffering speed impacts user experience and in what way they react. Whenever a user visits your website initially, it takes only a few seconds to engage the user’s time to browse your website and see it here and there.

Users will immediately move to the next website whenever your web page starts to navigate slower and your users the frustrated.

Researchers have conducted that it takes 15 seconds for a user to switch on the alternative website. Only 45% of the users expect to wait for 4 seconds to load the webpages of your website. Having a slow website can affect your business completely in terms of user interaction, your business brand’s identity and user engagement to your website. To make your site faster is as important as creating a website for your business success, getting more traffic and customers on the site.

 2. How To Test Loading Time Of Your Website

The loading time and speed vary here from webpage to webpage in a website. Initially, you need to analyze the recent loading time of a website. Always remember that the rate may vary from page to page depending upon the size, web requests, and what type of content it hosts.

The website’s homepage is a remark to test the loading time in a website. Multiple tools have been initialized to check the speed of a website such as, PageSpeed Insights (helps to highlight to speed up the WordPress), etc.

3. Choose A Better Web Hosting Service Provider For Your Business.

The hosting of your WordPress website has always been influential for a successful business. It becomes important for you to choose a web host that provides you shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth, spacing material, emails, and more. However, many shared hosting providers lack to provide website good buffering times with huge traffic hours.

The web hosting company has been advanced with magical technology, and the fairs of the cloud hosting providers have deficient time graphs. Currently and luckily, you can buy dedicated servers from DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Youtube, and even Google are figuring out at their normal prices. However, working with those servers can be a difficult task, because sometimes you need to set servers from scratch while other servers are CloudWays who have their servers optimized already.

4. Using A Lightweight WordPress Framework

WordPress frameworks work as the building block for a WordPress theme. Generally, the framework consists of core code that shares all the basic, advanced, and designed elements in a website we see. The WordPress theme you hold on your website has a huge impact on your user’s experience and the time fast your website loads.

WordPress themes, however, with various static and dynamic elements, sliders, plugins, widgets, sliders in motion, social icons, etc. are just eye-catching and help to engage users on our website. In case you have a lot of elements of higher page sizes that cause your web server to take a high amount.

5. Minified Javascript And Cascading Style Sheets

You must have heard of compressing your JS and CSS files, whenever you load your website through any Google tool. That means, by reducing the size of JS and CSS files, you get your site loading time and speed improved with better performance.

Also, if you are updated and aware of the WordPress themes, you can get help from the Google search engine and can improve your manual extension fixing in a website. In case it does not match your requirements, you can insert some plugins that will help you relate to all your goals. Automatization, however, is another popular feature to optimize and improve your website’s JS, CSS, and even HTML of your WordPress website for engaging your customers with your services.

6. Uninstall The Not Required Plugins

In WordPress, all the Content Management System (CMS’s) is served through the primary feature of WordPress plugins. With the proper use of plugins, you can add the utmost usability and functionality you want to will for on your website. Your WordPress website works through many plugins, the plugins that aren’t required for your website creates trash, and keeping them on your website will add a larger amount of junk to your web files and can increase your file’s backup storage.

Moreover, it can buffer with the server the various resources while your backup files keep on generated. It is far more a better choice to not count on such plugins that cause ultimate damage to your website. Despite it, you can clean or deactivate your website plugins and can improve better performances, speed, and functionality of your WordPress website.


The main advantage of decreasing your website’s loading time will make you improve your customers’ needs massively and help them to get experience on their usability. At Hostjani, we help you in the short and long run by providing you with the support of hosting your WordPress website with faster website loading speed.

Four Powerful Benefits Of Promoting Your Website

Building a website is just a starting step as your website is your business’s visibility for millions of users on the internet; it becomes essential for you to maintain the traffic on your site and engage clients with the required content. And fortunately, your website can get all this way by promoting your website on the right social platform to go for the right people. The ultimate goal of promoting your website is to reach as many as possible customers around the globe.

After all, all you need is to have people around your website who read and view your content interestingly. This way, they can go through your business’s services and interests, which will eventually benefit your website because the more visitors you will have, the more you will be inspired to create magical content.

1. Effective Communication With Customers

Although, we think of a website as just a way to view a website’s content to have more traffic. Still, it’s way more than that, such as a website that can be addressed as the best medium to have instant and effective communication with our users and can easily be updated with their feedback about services, which is essential for a website to retain its clients.

Website promotion can help to attain the maximum user interaction and attention from targeted customers your way. Also, it encourages you to be updated with your content providing services for your website. However, choosing the engaging and easy-to-read keywords for your content can help users search more quickly and attain more traffic for your website.

2. Developing Brand Identity

Your website’s content holds the critical incline of your website; because it’s always about the quality of your website content and the user’s impact across it. When we specifically talk about the website’s brand, we think of the billion internet users out there who are aware of the brand, identity, and the strategies we practice.

A website’s promotion is an easy and accessible way to develop a brand’s identity and create awareness for global customers. However, to build strong brand awareness, your website content must be well-deserved for your brands and services; the information and data present on the website, customer credentials, and updates your website’s reliability.

3. Sustain Upcoming Traffic

The primary goal of the website’s promotion is to increase the number of traffic to your website. During this, people reach out to your website for quality content through web-directories and search engines. Having a target audience to your site is accessible but sustaining those clients requires a lot of self-awareness about the content. Promoting relevant content on social media and many social sites significantly impacts making the content visible to their potential customers, bringing in more traffic, and sustaining it on your website. Webmasters tools, however, add more value to your search engines on finding you the relevant keywords to rank your site and to attain more clients on your site.

4. Must-Have SEO Strategy

Although it’s essential to work on the website’s content, it is even more necessary to use the Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) tools to find the best keyword for your website’s content. To promote your website with and without the SEO content makes a massive difference in front of your audiences.

Using the right SEO strategy will make your content far more effective and easy for users. However, you need to take care of the taglines, titles, headings, meta descriptions, and relevant keywords in your content. Promoting your website with the natural flow in SEO content helps your business grow ten times better and attain maximum traffic to your website.

There are millions of websites we see every day. Still, only fewer websites create an impact with their unique ideas, promoting strategies, quality content, and opportunities. Luckily, that’s what remains forever with us as users.

Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting Companies In Pakistan

Most people think that it’s enough to have domain names registered to your business website. They don’t dig deep to understand that a domain name is as good as your name, by which others can know you and your business services. Along with the domain name, you are required to host your website to boost up your online presence on the internet. A web hosting company provides its web hosting services for your website so that everyone can get access to it.

Although there are various web hosting services available, many people consider buying a hosting service that is not much costly as there are some companies that provide their service at affordable prices that meet your business needs well and to get you more traffic.

Here are the top 10 cheap web hosting companies in Pakistan;


Hostjani is one of the cheapest but reliable web hosting companies in Pakistan. The professionals there provide hosting services for both small and medium businesses. Along with that, we have the best domain name service providers for your website to improve its traffic and security. Our reliable shared web hosting plans range from Rs. 999/year for a basic website.

Hostjani has cheap web hosting plans across Pakistan. The reason why hostjani is your best choice is that it has the fastest SSD Servers to improve data storage in your website, it holds maximum security for your information stored in the website. And our services are 24/7 for their support and guidelines for our customers.

Visit their website here


Pk DOMAIN offers its web hosting domain services in both Linux and Windows platforms in Pakistan. With your desired operating system windows based hosting is more feasible. The operating system has all the latest features to secure your websites and its data from cyber attacks.

Pk Domain has the cheapest web hosting plans along with free domain registration service to have more traffic and customers on your website. Our primary goal is that we look for our customers’ business needs and try to match their requirements with delivering on time and budget.

Visit their website here


EasyHost is a fast-growing yet affordable web hosting service provider company in Pakistan. Their services include website hosting, domain registration, and website development. Our hosting comes with hundreds of required features which include free domain, customer support, free website builder tool, and 30 days money-back guarantee for your enterprise to lead reliability.

Our professionals at EasyHost assure you about delivering the lower-cost and highest quality services for your standard website. The hosting plans are for standalone businesses and email accounts holders to host their business websites without thinking much about its costs.

Visit their website here


ValueHosted is one of the fast leading web hosting companies in Pakistan, offering its cheap, secure, and reliable web hosting services for your business needs. Its prices range from Rs. 166.66 to 416.66 Monthly. Whether you have a startup or large enterprise our web hosting solutions for your website work the best for your products and services.

Whatever services we have offered or offering are at affordable prices. Also, we have professional IT experts who are available for your technical issues if held on your website ever. Get your business website registered with ValueHosted with low cost and top quality web hosting services.

Visit their website here

Sky Host

Sky Host is Pakistan’s best and cheap web hosting and domain registration services for your individuals and large enterprises to get online, and stay updated 24/7. We offer a ton of unique domain extensions ranging from .pk domain names and extensions.

We have the most reliable web hosting service providers at skyhost to grow your business with high-quality hosting services for your business. Their services’ primary features include free forwarding, 24/7 customer support, and complete privacy protection. Skyhost is your best choice if you look to get web hosting at ease.

Visit their website here


Hostbreak offers your website secure, faster, and one of the cheapest web hosting services. Our professionals hosting service providers provide you all the important benefits and features that include unlimited web data storage, SSL certificates, and technical online support for your enterprise.

Hostbreak comes up with strong feasibility of backup facility and data security at your websites to boost your traffic on the internet. Under that condition, your data is fully secured and authorized. In case of a sudden issue, if the data is accidentally lost, you can request or email our service support where our web servers are updated from time to time.

Visit their website here


WebSouls is a highly secure and affordable shared web hosting solutions provider company in Pakistan. Its web hosting plans vary from 99.99% for primary websites. We take care of our customer’s business needs and support them with our latest hosting features.

Along with that, our domain registration services are at remarkably cheap prices. WebSouls’s best part is that our customers with us, don’t have to get worried about their website’s security and their data stored. For this reason, we are the most reliable and leading company in Pakistan.

Visit their website here

Zain Hosting

ZainHosting offers cheap Web Hosting Services, Domain Registration, and Web Designing, and SEO Services for both small to large enterprises. We try to give our customers the best user experience and availability support of all the time. Our hosting plans include, managed and unmanaged Dedicated and Desktop Servers in cheap rates.

Our company provides cheap domain registration services yearly alongside to our potential customers for their customer’s websites. ZainHosting also provides huge offers and promotions timely to our users, currently, we have given 90% of discounts on all our web hosting packages.

Visit their website here


HosterPK is one of the leading and reliable web hosting companies in Pakistan. We provide our customers with the current technologies such as ASP.Net, PHP starting from 1700/year with enormous disk space and free domain registration service.

However, we provide our service at competitive prices still our main goal is to provide customers robust support in their businesses. HsoterPK is your best choice if you’re looking for a fast and reliable hosting company in Pakistan, with all the recent features.

Visit their website here is Pakistan’s one of high-quality professional web hosting companies, though its services are available at cheap rates. Also, we have offered free domain registration services with domain names, .com, .net, .org, and .info. However, we are providing tools to build websites with RVSitebuilder to our customers. is proactively providing its professional online based web hosting solutions where we accept payment via Bank and online mobile wallets such as EasyPaisa and JazzCash. We will recommend that you go for for your desired web hosting services.

Visit their website here


Every website owner wants to have the best web hosting services for their business but some can afford it while others can’t. Hostjani is your top leading web hosting provider company for your business that provides top- quality and low-cost hosting services for your enterprise.

Top 3 Reasons To Keep Your Website Secure

People are always up to create their business websites and keep them updated to attract customers to provide them their services. But have you known the approaches you can practice to secure your website to maintain those customers for the longest possible time? Website security will allow your users to be safer with their data and information. You will also know how a secure website can affect your users for keeping a goodwill environment with them for future services.

Although there are many reasons why your website needs security, we see how websites are getting hacked, and users end up losing all their data and privacy. Cybercrime is increasing, so their general businesses, cybercriminals use special software such as malware, for keeping an eye on your site, to jump on the data stored there. The software has a high command from stealing the website’s ranking to stealing all the content from your site. Therefore, it becomes vital to improve your site with all the required security if you want more customers to spot and trust you and your location.

1. Website Security For Your Customers Security

Whenever users visit your site, they always want to be comfortable sharing their personal information, from email addresses to their secure payment details, as some cybercriminals go after your user’s data saved on your website. Customers, however, feel insecure, what if their data got stolen and their account got hacked. Because nowadays, there are many ways users’ information can be cut off, such as malicious redirects and SEO spam. That is why it becomes your website to create a secure website, and the data they share is safer enough; this way, you can win the user’s trust and the highest traffic on your site.

2. Risks Businesses Reputations

Today, millions of websites are on search engines, and people rely on that for their personal and professional uses. It’s becoming mandatory to maintain search engine optimization for every service you want to have on your site. Every time, users are desired to linkup with new details and information alongside. Many enhanced companies reveal how millions of websites are hacked each year and are unethically removed from the search engines. And how their businesses are suffering from risks and complaints every day. Regrettably, the only reason these companies undergo so much is that they have lesser web security for their sites and hence face risks on their business reputation; that results from losing their state users.

3. Hackers Can Misuse The Data Available On Your Site

Websites are everywhere, from startups to the enterprise level, and so the data and information there. Whenever the site gets hacked, so does the data. Once your data is in the wrong hands, there is a larger probability that hackers can misuse your information purposely and can cause you to harm psychologically, and which is not fit for any user to face. Because through the website, users are relying upon you systematically.

Often, money is not the motive for hackers to hack the website; it can be, of course. But there are other reasons, such as hackers will target the most vulnerable things from your site that they will misuse for someone else to cause damage for fulfilling their need. Also, cybercriminals can misplace your content, and luckily this is very easy for them. So better for you to take care of your user’s data completing without holding any securing needed.


Keeping your website secure isn’t an easy process, but it is possible in many ways. You need to find out what approaches fit and require your website and the users the most, and you can act accordingly. Contact Zera Creative for all your website security needs.

Top 10 Domain Registration Companies In Pakistan

A successful business with a professional website requires a unique domain name. Otherwise, it’s no use in running out of your business because customers won’t get to know about your services. For that reason, choosing a catchy and relevant domain name is of utmost necessary for your business’s ultimate success.

There are several domain registration companies in Pakistan, providing unique business domains for your business needs but to choose the best one is a challenging but possible task. The domain registrars are offering domain names with registrations and hosting services in Pakistan and help you to reach a reliable domain for your business.

Here are the top 10 domain registration companies in Pakistan;


Hostjani is one of the reliable and secure domain registration companies in Pakistan, providing its services from small to large enterprises. Along with domain registration, the company offers web hosting solutions and satisfies its customer’s business needs at affordable prices.

It is the largest domain name registration company that comes at the top in providing the best domain with different extensions like .com, .pk, .net,, .io, and so on. If you are looking for the most reliable domain registration services for your business, then hostjani is sure to go.

Visit their website here

Domain .pk

Domain .pk offers affordable and reliable domain names for your business. Its Linux Web Hosting services, moreover, are serving and maintaining the information and data in your website. Domain .pk prices are highly competitive that ranges from Rs. 2500/ and includes a progressive list of Cpanel website hosting features.

Domain .pk boosts your online presence with the support of their domain name registration services to attract and engage your targeted audience to your business services.

Visit their website here

Sky Host

Sky Host is one of the secured Domain Registration Company in Karachi, Pakistan which has the most reliable platform for domain registration services. The company is mostly known for Domain Registration and Web Hosting service all over Pakistan at affordable prices.

Sky Host offers the best services of .pk Domains, Virtual Private Servers, and Free Domains in Pakistan. At Sky Host, we have the latest features in our high-level domain registration that meet your business needs.

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EasyHost is one of the fast web hosting companies of Pakistan which provides services with years of experience in managing 10,000+ business websites with their domain registration and web hosting services. Along with providing free domain, the company’s web hosting has hundreds of latest features with a free website builder.

We at Easyhost make sure that we are delivering the quality domain and hosting services at manageable prices to our clients. Our hosting plans, though, are created for small businesses to host their websites without worrying about spending huge costs. Easyhost is a perfect choice if your business is looking for Domain and Hosting services.

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WebSouls offers your business the perfect domain name with a unique web address and helps you to register your ideal domain at limited rates in Pakistan. Our team supports your website with all the guidelines required to have the best domain name registration services.

Besides that, you can avail of all the information about our domain names and pricing at our website or through customer support services that are available 24/7. Additionally, we are offering renewal services to keep your domain protected from being lost and provide you with quality domain registration services.

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PK-Domain provides low priced, and high-quality domain registration along with the best rated shared web hosting packages since 2019 in Pakistan. We are dealing with more than thousands of customers who are interested and satisfied in our shared hosting plans for years.

Our Shared Web Hosting and Domain Services are available in both Linux and Windows platforms in your desired operating system that avoid security holes and to keep it safe from cyber attacks. PK Domain is the best choice when your business is situated in Pakistan.

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It is a fact that your business can not run without having proper website hosting and domain registration services. Serversea offers free domain registration services all over its hosting plans for your reliable business needs.

Enjoy our free domain registration and auto-renewal services for your good hosting plans in your business. ServerSea supports your business needs and helps you save extra cost by letting you avail of free domain. Get your free domain name registration with hosting plans with a top-level domain that includes .com, .net, and .org).

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Zain Hosting

ZainHosting is a Pakistan based domain registration and web hosting company that provides cheap shared Linux based hosting solutions, windows, desktop servers, private and shared plans. It uses Cpanel with all our reseller hosting plans for server management.

ZainHosting has all the latest features in their domain and hosting services like an Email system, Domain Name System (DNS), Subdomains etc. that helps your business to get more customers and traffic to your website. Avail ZainHosting services for your existing business with the best domain and hosting services providers.

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Cheap Hosting

Cheap Hosting is one of the leading domain name registration and hosting web service providing companies in Pakistan. With every domain order of a shared hosting plane, our company offers one free domain name with an email account to our customers.

Their hosting servers are situated in Top tier level providing a 99.99% guarantee for their hosted server. Get your business domain registered faster with our user-friendly control panel. CheapHosting is just a few clicks away to get your business online effectively.

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Hostbreak is Pakistan’s one of the leading domain registration providing companies. We take care of the customer’s administrative and business needs. You can have tons of domain names extension, for example, .com, .pk, .net, .org, and more

Our domain name experts perform an auditing process to help your domain names with other registrars. Hostbreak has secured web hosting services that include, WordPress hosting, VPS, and Dedicated server hosting. We offer the best web hosting in Pakistan to get your business online.

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It’s crucial to choose the right domain name registration company for your business success. HostJani offers a unique web domain registration along with web hosting services for your business to lead reliably.

How To Choose Reliable And Secure Web Hosting Service For Your Business

Successful businesses always have successful websites. In this digital age, you can not let go of the reliable and secure web hosting service for your business. Your website’s security decides for how long you can sustain dedicated employees for your business. It becomes your priority in a company to keep your data and information secure and reliable by choosing the best hosting service providers.

Here are the top 5 ways to choose the reliable and secure web hosting service

Own Your Domain Name

To get your business domain name. First, you need to decide on the right domain name relevant to your business goals. Essentially, it should be similar to your business name. Your domain name will show your registered name’s identity, and that will help customers visit your business website.

To keep your personal or business brand stable, you must need to be flexible across all of your business platforms, content, market items when owning your domain name. Ensure your domain name is compatible with the brands you are using in your business and on social media channels to help your customers search easily to reach your business feasibly.

Choose Profitable Content Management Support To Take Hold

Businesses have better web hosting service providers, but with time their management changes, technology shifts, and hosting plans vary dramatically. So, it becomes essential to keep in mind the secure and reliable web hosting service providers for owning the right command of business. You have to be sure that your business isn’t just locked to any single host. Also, you have backup plans in the industry.

For your business stability and security, you need to be sure of an open-source content management system. Refresh your site regularly with current updates, so people can always access the data and information available on your website. Taking this approach means you need to buffer your backup plans with other service providers to click on the domain name.

Registering Server Types

It’s important to understand web servers for choosing the right web hosting services for your business. There are various types of web servers. The cheapest web hosting server is available on shared servers, where multiple you can run multiple websites. The overall performance of your website depends on the load the host is carrying. Shared hosting can be limited when accessing servers immediately, especially while uploading files via SFTP.

It can also limit the access of databases your site runs through and choose the feasible web servers according to your website’s workload and criteria. Performance helps you get more traffic to your business. You can also consider a dedicated server if you don’t want to share the reliable performance with other business sites. Next, cloud servers can also be regarded as a better choice if you work on sizable unrestricted cloud servers such as Amazon Web Services. Again, you need not bother moving content if you’re using this public and gaining more relevant traffic.

Finding The Best Web Hosting Service Provider For Your Business

Nowadays, every business website is available on the internet to achieve its customer traffic, sell services, and grow virtually. This way, the website requires to be hosted. A web hosting provider will do it all for you, and it becomes their job to launch your website online, so it becomes essential for you to choose the best web hosting provider. To get your website domain, server, and storage space, you must be careful about choosing your website’s action plan.

Additionally, web hosting providers offer your business great features that help you choose which web hosting plans work the best for your website. You will have many options when you visit your web hosting provider, such as shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud server, etc. These terms may be hard at first to identify which option will fit your hosting plan. It can be secure for you if you keep in mind a few required updates, like reliability, unlimited access, additional services, expert staff, and quality services.

Estimate The Traffic Required For Business Growth

Many companies hire web hosting service providers based on their cloud storage and estimation of frequency usage. If your site gets featured at the top search engine Google or your product goes viral; it is expected to have the required bandwidth to handle such an amount of traffic and the ultimate business growth.

Keeping in mind the reliability of web hosting services, if you ever plan to serve more than two or three web pages to a few local and international clients, you don’t have to run off your estimated cost and timescales. Although, if you know that you have to build a website that will hold low-end shared servers, be sure to choose a cloud server or dedicated server.

Now you must be aware of how you can get your website on the internet and virtually connect with the world. It’s your time to come upfront with your creative ideas. Check out to find out the best web hosting services that satisfy your needs.

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