4 Things You Should Never Include In Your Domain Name

With thousands and millions of domains available out there, it becomes really difficult to find your ONE when you are out there for your domain name registration. Even if you have a reliable hosting company, there are high chances that your top options will already be registered, until and unless if the name is extremely creative or if you created a word on your own. In the midst of figuring out how to remold your business as per the domain name availability, sometimes you end up creating a name that is a big no for all the same reasons.

So, to stop you from creating major blunders and to aid you with the things you should not include in your domain name, here are some suggestions:


Are you sort of a third-party worker? What we mean here is that you might be reselling a company’s product or might have another brand’s product featured on your website. Right? In such cases, make sure your domain name does not have any trademarks to it. Your web hosting company will be able to guide you as per it, because any trademark violation might cause you to lose your domain name, or worse might cause legal implications. We are sure, you wouldn’t want that. Would you? It is very easy for you to avoid. Just before registering, check your domain name at sites like and you’ll be good to go.


The domain name you are searching for is unavailable? Even adding words to it is doing you no good? You might be tempted to include hyphens in the domain name. Just imagine a big red, light flashing over your website. It is akin to that. If you have a fast hosting company, we are sure they will guide you as to why it is similar to committing a cardinal sin. But, till then, let us tell you that hyphens add more words to your domain name, hence making them more difficult to understand and to enter. A majority of the time, people end up forgetting that there were hyphens. They might end up at someone else’s website, which we are sure, you don’t want.

Difficult Words

This is one is a no brainier and you should know it already. Including words that are difficult, even if they match to your business, might not be such a good idea. People will have trouble spelling your name, hence you can lose a potential visitor. The domain name shouldn’t be hard-to-spell at all. In fact, you should never have to spell your name to anyone, if you are a small business. Those who are looking for website hosting for small businesses must refrain from it at any cost, while the big businesses might get away with it sometimes.


Numbers tend to get confusing. If there is a three in your website, people will usually type it out in words, instead of a digit. Here, you need to sit in with your web host provider and decide what needs to be done. If your company has a number in its name, it would be better if you buy both the domains; the one with the number and the one with the digits. Now, direct the spare one to the original one, so your customers don’t get confused or lost.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Web Host For Small Businesses in Pakistan

If you have started a new business, we are sure you must be searching for low cost hosting for your company’s website. Though hosting for small business is no different than the other businesses, but most of the newbies get intimidated by it. Don’t worry, you just have to run your business and leave the website part to a reliable hosting company. Because, what else are we here for?

So, if you are on a hunt of a web host provider, we are giving you some of the basic tips to decide a suitable web host for your business as well.

Say No To Private Servers:

Relying on your web designers for free hosting under the salary you are paying him or her might sound like a good idea, but not on a long run. Putting your website on somebody’s private server isn’t a mature decision, because they might not work with you in a long run. In later years, you will have to pay outlandish fee to move the site to new web site hosting servers and that wouldn’t be too wise for your pocket.

Use Proper Company:

Yes, we kept the title pretty simple and straightforward here, because we don’t need to do merry go round for this one. While you are a small business and might be struggling with finances, don’t get yourselves entangled with immature freelancers or unestablished, small companies. Always opt for a web hosting company that has a good portfolio or a valid web presence of their own. They will help you with continuous tech support, protection against cyber attacks, and will be your assurance against any sort of mishaps and tech loopholes that can cost you business. If you are searching, there would be no harm dropping by HostJani’s service’s section too.

Use A Managed Server:

If you aren’t a tech person, this might go above your head, but remember that when it comes to choices, always opt for a managed server. It is an automated and human management team that continuously keeps the wheel of your website running for you. A managed server includes virus scanners, automatic backups, server monitoring, and software updates, etc. Many Pakistani hosting companies are capable of providing you with the support you require to understand the ins and outs of managed server and how it works, so take the support.

Types Of Hosting:

When you go for managed web hosting, there are basically three types; shared, VPS and dedicated. Although they are a bit complex to understand, but we are laying out the brief definitions for you to understand. Shared hosting is the one where a bunch of websites is using the same server. It is cheap and can run perfectly on super-simple sites. However, if you have a high-programming website, it will run super slow, which definitely isn’t the right decision for your business. VPS, virtual private hosting, gives you access of your server and how it is configured. You are still sharing the server with other websites, but relatively less with your configuration settings. It is faster than shared hosting, but expensive as well. Lastly, as the name suggests, dedicated servers are dedicated to you and you only. Nobody else gets to share them and they are super-fast. However, it will cost you good bucks so be prepared for that.

As a general rule, for small businesses, you can begin with a cheap hosting company and shared servers. However, do not compromise the team behind the hosting. HostJani helps you with low-cost hosting and provides proper guidance and services as well. If we are a company that impresses you, let’s connect to discuss further.


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