How To Register a Domain Name For Your Business in Pakistan

The right domain name plays a massive role in your brand’s identity and business success. Getting a relevant domain name to your business name with a URL that is easy to remember might be difficult. From several domain names and extensions, choosing the right one is an important and first step towards leading a successful online business.

Also, you need to be aware of the steps through which you can register a domain name. You can register your business domain name by following easy steps and also it doesn’t cost so much.

Following are the steps through which you can register a domain name for your business;

Why Register a Domain Name?

The domain name is your website’s recognition and an address through which users can visit your site for availing of your services. Although, it’s possible to have your business online without registering a domain name. Many social media websites allow users to create web pages, basic websites, and blog websites. Though, it becomes a subdomain for your website when you create such kinds of websites but not your own domain. To register a domain name with the help of a domain registration company is the very first step towards launching your own website on the internet.

The domain registrar basically is the company that manages the domain name and its reservations. If the domain you selected is already registered to a website then it will be no longer useful to your website. You can register a domain name only if it’s not registered already. Registering a domain name is exclusively simple. You just need an available name, a domain service provider, and a way to proceed with your payment. You can also go for web hosting services to complete your business.

Choose a Reliable Domain Registrar Company

For your website to get online you will need a domain registrar company where a service provider will provide its services. Choosing a reliable domain registrar is very important for your website and ultimate business. Every domain register company you choose will have its benefits and drawbacks. By seeing different perspectives you need to choose the best for you.

There are many domain registrars with many extensions depending on their specific country location such as, .net, .com, .pk .io, .info, .pk and many more. Every domain registrar provides different services with their domain names and website hosting services while some registrar offers cheap domain names and provides promotions to attract new customers on their website.

Find a Relevant Domain Name To Your Business

Choosing the right domain name that is relevant to your business name is extremely important for your online business because that’s the only way you will get recognized by your users and new customers.

The name you will choose will eventually feature and market your business and the services you are going to provide your users. That’s why it is essential to choose the right and relevant domain name for your business that boosts your online presence and increases traffic to your site.

Service providers have different extensions that include .com, org, .net, and so on. You should choose the domain name that is short, easy to remember, relevant, it will ultimately help you to boost search engines and users to type easily.

How to Register a Domain Name

Registering a domain name establishes your unique identity and a specific location on the internet. The domain is a long string of numbers with an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which makes it able to search on Google with keywords that your domain name carries. Domain registrar is a company basically that manages domain name reservations. The authorization and authentication make sure that every website has a unique address that represents your domain.

Along with that, you should make sure that the domain name you are choosing for your business is unique enough that no website has already registered. choose your desired domain name that includes the top-level domain extension you want to use, buy it officially and go for it

Purchase Your Desired Domain Name

When all the important decisions are made, you’re ready to purchase your desired domain name with all requirements. Place all your information, add a payment method, and your new business domain name is all yours. Usually, it takes 24 hours to become active on the internet.

When it will be online, you will create a setup for your website so your customers can learn about your services and products you are providing and to get ultimate traffic on your website to get it all worth it.


Registering a domain name is an easy process, the difficult part is to retain the customers and traffic to your website. HostJani provides their best domain, web hosting services, and gives you guidelines that help you to register your business domain.

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