Know The 7 Incredible Differences Between Free And Paid Web Hosting
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7 Incredible Difference Between Free & Paid Web Hosting

All businesses require a web presence. To set up your presence on the internet, you will need a business website, for leading your online business effectively, your website needs a web hosting service. Web hosting services are available in two categories: paid and unpaid web hosting.

However, many times both of the services offer similar security, storing capacity, or website speed. But there are a few differences in the hosting features that the paid version includes, such as, additional storage capacity, data transfer support, email accounts, etc.

The disk storing capacity and data transference that is offered by the free web hosting service will be less sufficient comparatively to paid service. You always have the option of upgrading your free web hosting service to paid hosting depending upon your business needs.

Here we will show you the 7 differences between free and paid web hosting so that you can feasibly choose the right one for your business.


 1.Website Constancy


Your website reliability is the most important thing on your website, that depends on the web hosting service that you choose. Basically, the free web hosting platforms will not support it in the same way as the paid web hosting services do.

This can be because a specific server is required to offer a good website speed. However, if you will get an offer for utilizing a free web hosting service, you might feel the speed of the website will go down because a service provider won’t give your website a long term web hosting service guarantee.

Your primary goal for a website is to attract customers and traffic on your website because that’s why you are conveniently creating a website. For that reason, it is important which website provider you are choosing for your business and if the host is providing you with the reliability or not. Most of the professional paid web hosting channels guarantee for offering you uptime support for your business.


2.Bandwidth And Storage Space


There are many professional web hosting providers with additional features and support for the website. Along with that, they provide hosting packages with different alterations of bandwidth and storage needs. What your website specifically requires is completely dependent upon your business needs.

But when we think about choosing a free web hosting package for your website, you will have limited storage and bandwidth network. Initially, a free web hosting might sound impressive to you because there is nothing you have to pay for a package.

But later on with the growing timescale, you will face the issues for uploading or transferring media files on the website and because you haven’t paid anything you can’t blame on their services.

Choosing a paid web hosting service is tons times better than a free one and facing the issues of having limited bandwidth or not that support from the company.


 3.Free Web Hosting Doesn’t Provide Long Term Reliability


Whenever you choose a web hosting provider company for your business, the very first thing you look forward to is the long term reliability. With a free web hosting service, you will not be given any guarantee from the company for a longer period of time.

However, it’s also possible that paid web hosting also gets shut down sometimes as well but with that, you will have a hosting account and a procedure to follow through which you can get your complete website hosted again.

 A paid web hosting service moreover, easily provides backup plans of your website that is hosted so that the content can be uploaded to any new web hosting account without wasting any time and to run your website soon again. Therefore, it’s always better to choose a better option for your business.


 4.Website Speed


Every web host provides different and unique web hosting services. It’s not easy to avoid the website’s loading time and surprisingly the slow website has nothing to do with your website’s design. The customers that visit your website often will go away any second if the content at the website will become slow to go.

You can think now, how mandatory it is now to take care of your website’s speed and it largely depends upon your web hosting provider. If it’s hosted on a free web hosting account then there will be a different functioning and the assessment in the content that your customers will feel over time.

What will happen next is, that your website will start losing its potential customers. Investing in a paid web hosting provider for your company will be beneficial and offers you a good on load speed and functional reliability on your website.


5.Website Security


Hackers are everywhere on the internet believe it or not! Many businesses are losing their potential clients only because of the lack of surety about having reliable security because your website’s security is your customer’s security.

 If you are getting a side option for hosting your website over a free web hosting account there are probably more chances that it isn’t secure as compared to a paid one.

Also, there won’t be any responsibility for the website security and it might get you off of your website visitors. It is important to choose a safe and secure option when it comes to your business services and your website’s traffic so far.

A paid web hosting service will offer a complete package for securing your website from hackers such as SSL certificates, Daily Backup Plans or technical spam experts for your hosted account.


6.Customer Support and Assistance


Website hosting is not always a smooth process. Your website often will come up with new challenges and problems and, if your web hosting service doesn’t offer effective customer support, then it might get stressful for you and your customers on the website otherwise, customers will walk off any minute and will move to another website by getting frustrated.

For this reason, it is important to choose a web hosting provider that is providing quality technical and customer support for 24/7, 365 days. The free web hosting providers, undoubtedly, don’t offer any quick support for customers having technical issues on the website.

You might have to face a timely defeating environment on the website because of the lack of customer technical support, especially for major issues sometimes like MySQL databases, PHP etc.

On the other hand, paid web hosting services have a way to reach you 24/7 and provide you with guaranteed customer support to make your customers feel easy with your services.


 6.Search Engine Optimization Rankings


There is no doubt that most enterprises today desire and need to get a higher search engine ranking for their services and to reach their targeted audience. Some professional web hosting services take care of it while others not.

Many times, a free web hosting provider appears on with many unneeded ads that sound really unprofessional sometimes and can get your website traffic down. The free web hosting services are commonly known and used for creating their hosting accounts on dummy websites.

All these factors highly get noticed through the search engines for search engine optimization (SEO). The companies that choose the paid professional web hosting services will never face or encounter any such issue on their business websites and get a better search engine rankings with a greater virtual appearance.



Companies choose their web hosting services according to their business needs and requirements. Only a few businesses see a bigger picture of their website services. Hostjani has professional web hosting service providers for your online business.

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