How to Boost Your Website Traffic Through Well Known Plugins

How to Boost Your Website Traffic Through Well Known Plugins

Once the website is created, every website owner’s primary concern is to increase its traffic, boost its SEO, or go for something unique to attract new customers worldwide. Your website’s ranking means the most to your business success. Various plugins have been created to boost traffic and give users an engaging experience on your website.

Here we will show you 6 WordPress plugins to immensely engage more traffic to your website;

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the number one WordPress SEO plugin that contains everything you need to boost up to SEO, helping millions of web pages rank highest in search engines such as Google. Every website creator makes every effort to organize its website’s content to beat the competition with other millions of websites and to rank with the highest end; that’s where the Yoast SEO plugin comes into play and your best choice for your WordPress website.

Yoast SEO has power-packed features developed to help users to get the most from your website. Such as advanced XML sitemaps; to improve your WordPress website’s searching structure, Site breadcrumbs, taking full control over the users and search engine availability, and fast buffering times to take care of the organized data in your WordPress website. Moreover, it gives you SEO and readability analysis with all the support of language to rank and making your content visible to your customers.

2. Floating Social Bar

Floating social bar is one of the fast and easy to use plugins of the WordPress Website. It highly supports the significant social networking sites, especially Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest buttons to keep the WordPress website smooth and straightforward to use.

Floating social bar is a light-weight WordPress plugin that is created to increase the website’s visibility by not affecting its speed. However, its name is given as floating because it adds the horizontal share bar to the content, pages, posts, etc., in your website, allowing you to get a maximum number of shares. The social bar is undoubted, simple, and easy to use from providing your WordPress website the smooth interface for drag-and-drop to make your site visible among millions of users.

3. WP to Buffer

WordPress to buffer is the smartest WordPress plugin that contains an automatic functionality to Buffer account whenever you publish or update any post and schedule your content on social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Buffer takes care of your social media profiles, from updating you about the posts you share to preserving your social media accounts being hanged. Its simple social media scheduling lets you know whenever you post the same content twice on your social media profiles and helps users engage in website traffic.

WordPress to Buffer Pro has some additional functionality. It provides you different options per network that define different statuses and supports your website’s advanced shortcode and schedule for a specific time.  Connecting your social media profiles to Buffer saves you from authorizing additional API or other technical steps as Buffer keeps all set.

4. WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress’s most popular plugin called WordPress Popular Posts is a custom-based organized widget that allows your website to display its most popular posts. Its multi-widget feature is capable of allocating several devices on your blog within the specified time limit.

Popular posts boost your website traffic by providing features such as custom templates; for styling your website themes, unique layouts; to innovate your website with customized designs and a statistics dashboard; that allows you to view the direct comments from the customers. However, the plugin will enable you to display the most popular content on your website to increase user engagement and boost its visibility.

5. Click to Tweet

The plugin click to tweet adds the functionality of creating a tweet box in your WordPress website posts. You can intentionally place a click to tweet in your articles available on the website. It ultimately helps you boost your website’s traffic by bringing more users from your Tweeter account to your WordPress website.

“Click to Tweet” is open-source software of WordPress that allows you to create content to tweet easily for your readers. You can also use custom text messages inside your blog post to point out the content for the reader and make it easy for your users to share on Twitter to get your site more traffic.

6. Subscribe to the Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded is the most desirable plugin to any WordPress website that allows your customers to comment and sign up for their accounts to notifications. The plugin contains a subscription manager that enables your customers to unsubscribe to take off all records. Using its latest functionality and WordPress features, the plugin resolves the most unethical issues from the website.

Additionally, it allows WordPress’s administrators to open the double option required to confirm the customer’s subscription part the users get an email by just clicking on a link. The main features that subscribe to the comments reloaded provide the website are that it disables the subscriptions required for a specific post, the customer’s messages are fully customized. It runs the website via the standard editor for using HTML. However, the comments are a powerful tool to boost user engagement and increase your website’s traffic because the more honest reviews will be to your site, the more customers will try to interact with your site.


Your website needs the best WordPress plugins to boost your website’s traffic, bringing more customers, and creating catchy content to have a hands-on user’s engaging experience through your WordPress website.

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