5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Your Web Hosting Provider
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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Web Hosting

When you think of choosing a web host for your business, you get dozens of advice, tips and tricks to choose what suits your business needs such as, whether you should go for a website builder or you should try to find out the best web hosting company to guide you with everything you need in web hosting.

The problem arises when a web hosting service provider makes mistakes intentionally or unintentionally maybe because there are so many factors that need to be considered while choosing a web hosting service provider.

Additionally, it depends on your business needs as well because each business has different plans. Choosing the wrong web hosting service provider can be a threat to your complete business. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of avoiding such mistakes.

Here we have discussed the 5 mistakes to avoid while choosing your web hosting service provider.


1.Using Unpaid Hosting Service


Whenever you hear about free or unpaid hosting service, for many of you it may sound majestic at first. No doubt, it can be good enough for any personal and website or blog post. But this is a worse choice you can go for any business website because a business holds huge responsibilities that you can take for granted.

Most of the free web hosting services held out by various pop-ups, advertisements, and business cards on your site unluckily these things give users a bad user-experience when they are on your website.

Also, your website will be hosted in a sub-domain category, for example, your business.name.free hosting.com, which does not hold any good reputation in the market and that can make your customers off visit many times form your website.

Although, you can think that a free web hosting service has more chances to hold poor speed, less reliability, and on-time availability. And because this free of cost means you have paid nothing for it also, you can not blame their services or expect to support your website forever.

Free web hosting services mostly end up leaving unhealthy support to your business services, keeping all in mind you can choose a reasonably paid web hosting service for your business which you can trust with reliability.


2.Not Paying Much Attention To Security


The most common and unfortunate mistake that a web hosting provider can do is not pay much attention to the website’s security.

You shouldn’t be in that much hurry to not to look for website security because security means so much to the customers that they are going to trust your website services and can visit your site much often.

Many deployments specifically those that conduct many transactions regularly and expect much secure place as a strict requirement.

Security is must even if you are running a personal or a simple blog post website you should never let security features run away from your website.

You need to be careful about scams, cybercriminals and encryption and you need super protection against it because that can lead your business with nothing but weakness and leave your website without getting searched at all.


3.Choosing other web hosting package when your business needs else


While choosing a web hosting service, you need to choose a hosting package. Since there are many web hosting packages such as, Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Hosting, a person can get confused and often mislead the right web hosting package that matches your business needs.

Choosing another web hosting package, for example, Shared hosting when you specifically need VPS or vice versa can be a poor decision for your business. Startup companies often choose shared web hosting or a virtual private server (VPS). Initially, businesses didn’t know much of a difference between a shared web hosting service or VPS.

With the VPS package, your website hosting is hosted on deployed sharing with others, but you have a personal and specific location that can be in CPU time, storage options or bandwidth.

However, our personal recommendation is to go for VPS, in case, you expect to get quick traffic on your site or you want to install the applications that shared web hosting doesn’t support.

However, you can also choose a reputable company with a shared web hosting provider by investing good money for your business.


4.Ignoring Your Business Limitations


Your business lies upon a specific set of limitations and scalability that you need to aware while choosing your web service provider. You should have a particular plane from which you can grow your business at ease.

In case, there are hard restrictions for bandwidth or storage purposes also when you are having difficulties on getting traffic to your website that has been off from your website.

Transferring your website from one host to another can be tricky, so it’s better to avoid all costs. Every website hosting provider holds its own particular terms and conditions.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand what you can and what you can’t do with the service before just choosing your web hosting provider.

Many web hosting service providers don’t offer web hosting service for any personal data storage. Anyways, it’s very important to set specific limits on streaming and choose certain applications for your business success.


5.Buying just based on price


Many businesses think that every web hosting services provider is the same and they can choose any cheap possible web hosting service for their business.

Whereas, others believe that choosing expensive and rated web hosting packages provide a great service to their business website. You have to choose what is the best approach for your business.

Both the approaches have their own reasons to choose, for example, the cheapest web hosting plan may hold a little less speed, storage capacity and customer support comparatively to the paid version.

Don’t just get attracted to low banner prices on the hosting services by not confirming additional features and plans that you will require for your business services.


Choosing a web hosting provider that is the best for your business always is not possible, as every hosting provider has its own pros and cons. The thing is to avoid mistakes that you make while choosing yours. Hostjani is the best recommendation for your business hosting services.

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