Moving To A New Web Hosting Service Provider
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Guide on Moving to a New Web Hosting Provider

Shifting to a new web hosting provider for a company can be because of various reasons such as, facing low disk problems to dealing with not so good customer services or it could be because of servers breakdown that happens very often.

However, it’s not cool and overwhelming as it looks like switching to a new web hosting service provider. In this article, we will look at some important points that determine whether one should switch to a new web hosting provider or not.


Choosing a New Web Hosting Provider


When it comes to choosing a new web hosting provider you look at various aspects of it such as whether the new company you are hiring will provide an operating system (OS), storage device capacity, disk space, the bandwidth, loading time speed, quality customers services etc.


The Type Of Operating System (OS)


It’s better to stick to the existing operating system (OS) whether it’s Windows or Linux when you are switching from one web hosting service provider to another because that will especially be helping you and make it easier for you.

Do not consider changing the OS until or unless it’s necessary and you have a good reason for it, means you must check it well whether the web hosting provider is offering you or not.

Also, your website does require a database like MySQL or Access. Access is used for Windows only while MySQL is tuned with both Windows as well as Linux.

Therefore, it is really important to look at these perspectives especially when you shift to a new OS.


Bandwidth And Disk space


It’s important to make sure that a new web hosting provider you are hiring is providing you good bandwidth and enough disk space because the one time the website gets affected by the speed and gives off the data storage.

You must see that if the cost of the higher bandwidth and disk space are the same that is offered by your new web hosting service provider because if it’s not, then the best recommendation for you is to implement a cost-benefit analysis in both the aspects. This will help you more likely to make a good decision.




Uptime is the time of your website or web services when a user is available for a given period of time.

Usually, every website deals with downtime planned somewhere. Every enterprise wants to make their website’s uptime as high as possible and why not should be since the internet has been so competitive.

It’s important to make sure that the uptime of your website is high because when visitors or users visit your website they can easily go off once if they won’t get what they want to from your site, i.e services, products or content.

It’s better to pay some extra to get good uptime speed than losing customers from your site.

Moreover, you have to check whether the service provider is scheduling for maintenance during peak hours or rough hours.

In case they do it at peak hours, your company has more chances to lose a good amount of traffic or customers.


Customer Service


Customer service matters the most because without that your business won’t get customers and traffic on your website sustained for the longer term.

Instead, your business will start losing the existing customers which will take your website eventually to a rough journey. It’s more important when you are looking for a new web hosting service provider.

Check the availability of customer service, whether it is around the clock or seven days a week. See if they are using phone calls, SMS, and chats on time.

However, you can also visit the website of the web hosting service provider to see the better credibility and reliability of the service provider.


How/What After Zeroing In On a Web Hosting Service Provider?


Back-Up Your Website


Backup is a process in a website that makes sure the data on your site is safe whenever an uncertainty happens and your site can lose some important data.

Migrating to a new web hosting service provider should make sure that your website is safe and secure from all the potential hazards such as loss of data and files of HTML, images or applications, scripts and so on.

You can secure everything by taking a backup process to a separate computer. Also, you can use FTP to download all the files.


Configure Emails


Make sure to check again the configuration of your email service after you switch your site to a new web hosting service provider. Not checking it may make your email service go fail oftentimes.


DNS Changes and Propagation


Your journey to move to the new web hosting service provider is incomplete if you haven’t updated your Domain Name System (DNS) and submit it to the new service provider.

Till that may be you are provided with a new and temporary IP address. An IP address will help you to check whether the website is dynamic and is working.

Your domain registrar, furtherly will ensure you that your domain name is changed as per your business needs. If needed, he will suggest you change.

And in case, if your domain name holds inbound tools and tactics, the job for you will be much simpler.


Check Internal Links


The process of moving to a new web hosting provider once is done, you must check the internal links by using some checking tools.

Make sure all the links are working as they are before the transition. Moreover, you can also check for log files or errors to troubleshoot common issues.


Test New Website


It’s very important to recheck all functionalities of your website in detail once the transference to a new web hosting service provider is done.

Especially, check the features and look at the internal web links and pages including forms, applications, servers, plugins etc.


Cancel The Old Account


In the end, you need to turn off the and cancel the account with your former web hosting service provider once after all the processes in the transition area are closed.

You can also keep the account live for a week or more as a back-up option until or unless you are sure that all has happened with enough accuracy.


Let Your Visitors Know While You Are In The Transition


Downtime in a website however is something that comes sometimes usually. You need to make sure that your visitors don’t take it as a rough time but instead keep calm while the site experiences downtime during the transition.

To leave a message on your website that requests your users to wait patiently while you recover. However, it will give them an impression that you know that they are facing issues and you are concerned about it. It will improve the reliability of your website.




Sometimes it feels risky to move to a new web hosting service provider because it includes overall of your business such as, website, profitability, and managing transition. However, it can be done smoothly if you chose hostjani the best web hosting provider for your business.

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