Plesk Vs Cpanel Which Control Panel Is The Best For You
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Plesk vs cPanel: Which Control Panel is Best?

If you have a website, you definitely need to choose the perfect web host, the one who is right for your web hosting control panel services. It can be cPanel or Plesk depending upon your business needs.

Whether you are running out a large enterprise with the help of powerful dedicated servers, or a small business you must need a path where you need reliable hosting control panel services that hold a robust server.

Because there are several control panels available in the market, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of panels according to your business requirements, becomes sometimes hard.

Plesk and cPanel are today’s most popular web hosting control panels. Even, they both perform similar functionality on the website and provide customers with better user experience.

But still, some major differences lead both in different directions, in terms of web hosts, trained administrations etc which we discuss in the article.


1. About Plesk and cPanel


Plesk is a control system administrator used in many large enterprises worldwide. Because of its user-friendly structure, interface and strong features, admins found it very easy to manage the servers.

The current Plesk control panel is present in Windows as well as Linux and is designed to work robustly, to manage the performance of the web hosting.

cPanel appeared initially in 1996, because of its effective allocation in the market and carries a dedicated server. Though, initially, it is offering panels called cPanel 68. Which is helpful ultimately in customer management service and facilitates web host managers to solve all the administrative problems.


2. Plesk vs cPanel – Usability


Plesk and cPanel have similar usability to CLI (command-line interface). But many times users sometimes doubt the functionality so they desire to unlock the GUI (graphical user interface).

Most users choose Plesk over cPanel because of its GUI, which makes it much simpler to approach and understand the functionality of the system.

cPanel addresses from the approach of ‘garden shed’ to GUI design because the designers tend to have everything they need. The rescue feature, moreover, helps to hold back in the Plesk and cPanel can be modified with the interface according to your business needs.


 3. The popularity of Plesk vs cPanel


There is no doubt that cPanel is the most popular as compared to Plesk. It’s mainly because many web hosting companies use cPanel for managing its file over the system’s interface.

You should know better if you have worked with large web hosting like A2Hosting and Namecheap, that they have already introduced the cPanel interface in their web server.

However, Plesk can also be used as a viable option used by companies like HostGator for their windows. So, you hold the choice either to select Plesk or cPanel to handle or manage your web servers.


 4. User Interface and Easiness


If we see from the user’s point of view, cPanel and Plesk both carry similar features. The major difference is in the process of how you can access the provided functionalities and how user-friendly is the interface.

The navigation of the cPanel’s dashboard is much simpler to use and more interactive with hosting panels. Though it has a lot of sections aligned but the user can see each part easily and clearly.

The Plesk dashboard is a bit different and more organized in its features, especially on single page websites. And for every web page, it shows the setting bar and configuration to be applied whenever needed.




For some people, choosing between cPanel and Plesk is quite easy. But some users find it hard. Many reliable web hosting companies guide you to to choose what you think works the best for you.

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