Top 10 Tips for SEO for New Bloggers

Top 10 Tips for SEO for New Bloggers

Many people find it hard to write search engine optimization (SEO) content for their articles or blogs and to attract the targeted audience to grow traffic on their website.

Placing appropriate words to make it an SEO-friendly blog post can be easier if you know the right terms and tips so far.

But, if keywords are overused and aren’t matching the reliable course of readability then it definitely lowers your Google rankings.

Here in this article, I am going to share the top 10 tips for you, whether you are a new blogger or have been doing so for a good while now.


1.Do Good Keyword Research Before You Start


Keyword research is the most important part of your writing. Make sure to research authentic keywords if you want you to reach your content to your users efficiently.

Effective bloggers know the fact before they jump to write how better keyword research works for their content and for Google to improve their post’s search engine rankings.

If you are not fetching out some time planning the topics and fixing some strict deadlines, you will face a hard time in being consistent with your work.

Once you are done with finding the appropriate keywords, you’ll have a list of targeted keywords for your blog to write about, then you can simply start writing with no time-wasting in the middle.


2.Content is King


The content of your blog must be well-researched and well SEO boosted with the focused keywords. The importance of holding quality content for boosting your website’s search engine rankings.

Creating the best content on your website will let you have more likes, shares and subscribers over multiple social media platforms.

There is so much crazy going on the internet that you come to know each day. But the things that attract you to stay over any webpage is the content that you find worth reading or understanding.

A person can easily stay over your website for long term with the SEO content that is relevant keywords that they might bookmark, save or share your web page to their friends.

Quality content can sometimes take time for you to write especially when you are new into the blogging world.

But once it’s done it leaves a large impact over your viewers and helps users to search your website more often. Along with that, it boosts your SEO rankings to reach more and more audiences.


3.Go For the Catchy Blog Post Title


The title of your content works like a magic to your users and for the search engine because readers always like to read once they find the title catchy and effective enough.

An efficient title makes your blog post more relevant for your users to search for any query they try to find over search engines. Most importantly, it drags your user’s attention to click over your article when they see it in upcoming search results.

Moreover, you can make the best choice of making the title of your blog post SEO friendly by using focused keywords in the tagline.

Another thing called click-through rate also plays a huge role in SEO along with adding the relevant and focused keywords to the headline to make it more catchy.


4.Create a Comprehensive Content


The Search Engine Optimizers were in a long run to get to know whether the length of the content is better for SEO or it took it even down.

It has been analyzed after a lot of research that the average blog post can have 1500 words. But actually, it depends over your idea of a blog post and the amount of information it requires to deliver.

Creating a post that is only lengthier content won’t help your blog to rank it higher on the search engines at all, because Google actually cares about what users are thinking and liking.

Writing a blog post that is too short for your question to get answered relevantly will lead your content to a big failure since readers won’t get what they look for.

Without caring too much just about word count, your authentic goal should be to publish a content that is comprehensive, relevant and SEO boosted covering all the required information.


5.Use SEO Boosted Images


Your blog doesn’t only consist of text content or keywords. But it majorly gets affected by the images that you use as well.

Each blog that you publish contains must hold one, two or sometimes more images in it, to make the content more attractive visually.

This can be challenging and interesting at the same time for the users who

are better readers rather than visualizing the content.

Although you must be not only just putting the attractive images for your blog post but also using them to make the overall blog SEO optimized for your search engine.

The SEO optimized image that you include in your blog post handles your content’s keywords as well as give your users a chance to visit your blog.


6.Understand Your Users to Get Better SEO Outcomes.


If you are creating a blog post and publishing it, then it is obvious that you want a great amount of traffic on your post as well because all time otherwise is a complete waste.

You desire to improve your website’s traffic and getting visitors on your blog post is you need to understand users, how they are reacting towards your content.

Research the topic well on the internet and look at the content related to your niche on Google. See what Google is assuming to the words that you are typing.

Understanding the users on the internet in any way is the best thing you can do for your blog post to get more traffic and improve the SEO results for your website in future.


7.Use of Interlinks in Content


Internal linking is a process to let your users know about the relevant blog posts and the articles that you have published already over any of your websites.

Because you will have a bunch of articles and blogs for users to engage with on your website once you are into blogging.

Internal links help to build an understanding with the overall content on your website whether it’s new or old.

WordPress, for example, allows you to search inside the post editor’s section for the older posts that are available on your site, simply by clicking on the link button.

Make internal linking your habit to make your on-page SEO better for better search results and to get your users attracted to your old posts.


8.Make Your Blogs Easy to Read


Making your content easier to read means to improve its readability score. Because readability is a strong factor that plays a huge role considered by search engines.

The blogger should have a strong idea about how articles that are simple to understand and easier to read generally ranks higher than those that are not convenient.

Studies have shown that an average user spends not more than a second to decide whether they want your blog post to read or not.

So, there is very less time to make it possible for your users to stay over your website and to scroll through your blog.

Good readability score improves your SEO and rankings over Google, through many ways such as, smaller paragraphs, shorter sentences, sub-headings or bullet points to make it easier and simpler for your users to read.


9.Using Relevant Tags to Organize Content


Using relevant tags to your blogs help your users to understand it better, also the search engine.

Many bloggers who are beginners end up using the tags and categories in the content inappropriately.

Like a book, a website also requires it to be understandable by having proper categories and relevant tags will be necessarily part of the index part of the book.

Categories allow you to divide the content into the proper headings and detailed topics on your blog. Tags, whereas, often used for the individual blog post. This ultimately helps your users to get relevant information about your blog more quickly.


10.Update Older Posts More Often


The content of your blog post requires to be updated more often because users always look for something new and engaging on your website.

Updating new content daily may take a lot of time. But you always need to fetch out some time to update the blog that is previously written and outdated.

Creating a blog with outdated data by adding SEO keywords and valuable information can help you to rank your content at search results again. Which will be beneficial for your blog post ultimately.




Whether you are new or been blogging for a while, knowing about correct tips and applying them well in your content is important. Hostjani helps new bloggers with domain and hosting services to write and publish well.

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