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Blogging: What Is It? How to Do It?

Many of you have heard about the term “blogging”. But it gets misunderstood most of the time. A “blog” refers to writing, doing photography, or videography on any social media page that is meant to be published.

It was taken as an opportunity for many people who were writing daily in their notebooks only. But now, they could have done more professionally and could have provided their business services.

There are many blogging platforms on the internet such as,, and But most experienced bloggers use WordPress sites for blogging because that is self-hosted, creative, and flexible to use.

But many other business websites are used for blogging as well such as Bluehost which holds a domain name with their free web hosting services.

In this article, we will look closely at, “what exactly is blogging”? And “How to do it”?

What Is Blogging?

The blog is actually taken from the name, “weblog”. The weblogs were allowing internet users to journal the details of whatever they do in their day.

But blogs allow users often to share comments, so they can be viewed commonly by many communities present on the internet doing blogging.

The content of the blog, however, is very significant. If we talk about travel blogs, for example, it can add many features including paragraphs, political views, blogging pictures, etc.

Like many other internet-based innovations, business communities are also looking for potential bloggers and markets to improve their popularity.

Blog, though, can be used for small home-based businesses and simple web pages as well.

How Blogging Works

Some people often get confused with the blogs present on a website with its parts, since many enterprises use both simply by adding up a blog section on their business website.

Mainly, the blog has two features:

First and the most important feature of a blog is that it is updated very frequently, whether it’s a simple advertising blog, a food recipe blog or a business blog that is sharing its services.

Second, a blog, however, should be created from a reader’s point of view to engage users. Blogs and other social media channels more often serve the purpose to connect content creators.

There are a few websites that allow chat and other conversation features such as speaking, or emailing on a website as well to make users more flexible with their services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging


Better Option for SEO: Search engines generally love fresh and updated content, and blogging is the ultimate tool to improve search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the overall website’s performance.

Improve Customer Communication: An updated and fresh blog post keeps your users and customers up to date with your content, ideas, reviews, etc on the website, which ultimately helps you to attain more traffic on your website.

Improves Income: There are very successful businesses that make money themselves only by creating interactive blogs. Blogs can also generate income by selling their services or products on their websites.


 Time-Taking: The success of a blog lies in the customers when they return to your website and that only happens when you upload something new, so many times it becomes hard to share the new content daily for readers.

Generating New Ideas Repeatedly: If you don’t have new and engaging ideas for the post, it won’t be effective at all just to share the content over the website.

Many times it becomes hard to think of new ideas almost daily. But now luckily you can hire guest bloggers or freelancers for it to help you build new ideas.

How You Can Do Blogging?

There are many effective ways available on the internet that guide you to start blogging for your business for today’s competitive market. Such as Writing SEO, Designing pictures, and effective technology tools and security for your customers.

Here are a few simple steps to guide you to start successful blogging:

Choose Your Blog Name and Hosting

Your domain for your business website plays a very important role because it is the very thing that your users will have an impact on your blog.

Your domain, however, gives your customers an address on the website to reach you more often and easier.

Choosing a domain relevant to your blog name will be much easier for your users to remember it and search it more often. Also, it can be a creative and catchy brand name.

There are many tools such as, which help you to find a good domain name for your blog websites.

Also, seek a company that is providing you with a free domain name, especially if you are creating a website initially.

After you are done with having a perfect business domain name, your next step will be to set a web hosting for your blog to get an effective online presence.

However, many companies provide a free web hosting service, such as, WordPress, which can give reliability to your blog.

Add Your Blog to WordPress

WordPress is a free desktop website publishing software that you can avail and use for creating attractive layouts and blog websites.

It is easier and more resilient to do blogging or website content management systems, especially if you’re a beginner.

You can also use other blog site builder tools, such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly etc depending upon your business needs.

Choose a Simple and Relevant Theme for Your Blog

While creating a blog, you can have multiple things to get to choose what suits your blog name.

Choosing a theme that is necessarily matching your blog name and idea will help your blog to get more catchy and understandable to the users.

A theme, however, allows you to choose many designs that you need to pick for your blog without any hard coding skills.

However, a catchy theme builds a strong blog’s identity in the market and helps you to attract more audience.

Add Engaging Content That Users Love to Read

 Since you have started your blog, it’s now time to get started with real-time blogging in terms of what you are going to present to your potential customers.

Writing and publishing the content from the user’s point of view is really important.

Make sure that your blog has pages that are the most needed, such as Start Page, About Us Page, Contact Page etc, according to your blog services.

Adding relevant logos of your brand, social platforms, and images that are needed for your blog is essential to put on to target your precious audience on your blog.


Knowing about blogging is fundamental, whether you have a small business or a large enterprise. Start your blog with Hostjani if you want to have reliable domain and web hosting services to make your online presence more effective.

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